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Jet Setters | City Breaks

Jet Setters | City Breaks

We can’t resist the temptation to get away and see somewhere NEW! A city break can be anything you want it to be – a romantic weekend, a whirl of sightseeing, fine wining and dining, or even a spot of retail therapy. Stress free, all you’ll need is your passport, a carry-on, and a G and T in departures (optional!) From a few of Europe’s most loved to further afield, we’ve selected the TOP 5 city breaks on our list towards the end of summer and into autumn…   

Üdvözöljük Budapesten!

Often described as the ‘Little Paris’ of central Europe, Budapest has a romantic charm with its spectacular scenery and vibrant atmosphere. The Capital has two sides, Buda and Pest, each precisely placed on the banks of the Danube river. Home to the third largest Parliament building in the world, Budapest is the perfect place for architecture enthusiasts.

Good for:

•             Sight-seeing – Budapest oozes bags of character, if you dream of a luxe life and all things shiny (who doesn’t) be sure to take a tour of the parliament buildings where you will be blown away by the royal gold interior.

•             Relaxing: Relax and unwind in the spring waters of Budapest’s thermal baths. Famed for their medicinal qualities for both the body and the mind. Open all year round, the thermal baths are the perfect place to chill out after a long day sight-seeing or a late-night partying.

•             Partying: Experience the ruin bars like a local, for all art and alcohol lovers alike, spend an evening sipping cocktails on a car bonnet in Szimpla Kert (The Pink Fluffy is a personal fave). 





Welcome to NEW YORK!


Who wouldn’t love a trip to the Big Apple?! Avoid the blistering heat and wait until Autumn for a great time to visit this world city.


Good for:

·         Shopping! Dare we mention Festive season this early? Oops, too late, we’ve done it! But there could be worse places to get ahead and grab some stocking fillers…

·         Sight-seeing – bright lights of Times Square, the (relative) calm of Central Park and the Empire State Building to name a few.

·         Drinks – with more fancy bars than yellow cabs (ok, we might be exaggerating here) make sure to sit down for a good cocktail. We’ve heard NYC do a mean cosmopolitan…





Bored of skyscrapers? You may want to loosen your purse strings for this one but Iceland is a goldmine for natural wonders – September onwards you could well be in for a glimpse of the northern lights.


Good for:

·         A bit of adventure – hiking, white water rafting, whale-watching and mountain biking for the brave-hearted!

·         Relax – you’ll also have plenty of chance to unwind – take a dip in one of Reykhavik’s many hot springs, thermal pools and spas!

·         Sight-seeing – explore Reykjavik’s old town steeped in ancient Viking history 





Bienvenue à PARIS!


Appearing on top-city lists time and time again, but with good reason – a trip to Paris never fails to make an impression. Partner, friends, or solo, see for yourself and soak up the Parisian atmosphere.


Good for:

·         Sightseeing: The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, The Notre-Dame – you’ve not done Paris until you’ve seen them all!

·         Living like a local: Stroll along the Seine, cycle the Champs-Élysées, indulge in the thousands of café’s and patisseries that the city is known for.

·         Wining and Dining: The ultimately sophisticated treat: go on – you deserve it!



الدارجة MARRAKECH!


For a flavour of the exotic, vibrant Marrakech promises a thrill to the senses! Combining the colourful, the alluring and the enthrallingly different to create quintessential Moroccan charm…


Good for:

·         Shopping – the thriving markets that is! Relish in the traditional textiles, pottery and jewellery. Haggling is a cultural norm, so be bold and don’t hold back…

·         Culture – Medieval walls line the dramatic palaces, gardens and maze-like alleyways of the city; aptly named the ‘Jewel of the South.’

·     Forgetting the itinerary – if you’re after a touch of spontaneity and unpredictability, Marrakech ticks all the boxes!


Don't Forget the Camera! 

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